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ViciousXUSMC Nova Cisco Certified CompTia Certified Powershell Expert Microsoft Certified Linux Certified Dell K1000 & K2000 System Expert

About Me

My name is Patrick Mosley,

Currently 32 and a father of 5 kids. I am working to grow my carreer professionally by gaining new certifications and skills relivant to the IT industry.

I am currently working for the Local Government in the IT Department as a Hardware Technician supporting EMS and 911
My job scope has me handle anything computer related from hardware, to software, to networking.

Being that I love my job and its so important it has really cut into my time for my hobbies like my YouTube channel where I love to publish product reviews and tech guides.

In the past my major hobby was tinkering and gaming. So I became a jack of all trades naturally with many skills under my belt.

I served in the United States Marine Corps right out of highschool, thus where my handle ViciousXUSMC got the "USMC" part.

While being a jack of all trades is great, to really get a good carreer one must focus on a particular path.
My path choice right now is the networking side of IT where I have gotten my CCENT and CCNA certifications and going for my CCNP cert next.

I have half a dozen other certifications under my belt as well from Dell, Microsoft, CompTIA and a few other vendors.

My pasion besides IT things is family, both the furry ones (2 Cats 1 Dog) and the fleshy ones. I love spending time hiking on weekends or relaxing to a good movie. I had a back injury that nearly left me paralized so I can't do running and a few other more phisically demanding things like I used to including my favorite, Moutain Bike Riding.

I still get a bit of gaming in here and there and also own/operate 4K Games my gaming YouTube channel.

My other favorite thing to do is just pick up something techy that I do not know how to do and go learn it. I have learned programing, SQL, web design, hacking, and a ton of other things like this over the years.

My YouTube channel is very tech focused with guides/tutorials on how to do complex things where I make them easy, I also love when companies are willing to send me a product to evaluate and I can get some product reviews up. Most of the time popular reviewers get all the nice things because they review popular items from big names like Dre Beats, Apple, Etc. I focus on the neat and cool things often from smaller companies and developers that deserve the publicity because they have great products, prices and desereve to get there company name out.

All my reviews are 100% honest and very detailed, if not sometimes a bit long winded butf it's all good information you wont find on the box unlike most other review sites where all the knowledge they have and you gain for your time is just reiterating specs and features that the product manufature wanted them to read for you.


Here is just a short laundry list of things I do/like that I consider myself above average in:

AutoIT Programing
Powershell Programing
IT Consulting
Network Configuration
Computer Building & Troubleshooting
Windows and Linux Operating Systems
Open Source Program Usage and Knowledge
Audio Gear like Microphones & Headphones/Speakers
Breakfix on any Computer
Data Backup/Restore
Server Implimentation
Disaster Recovery