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ViciousXUSMC Nova Cisco Certified CompTia Certified Powershell Expert Microsoft Certified Linux Certified VMWare vCenter

About Me

My name is Patrick Mosley, better known online as ViciousXUSMC

I am the owner/operator for ViciousComputers. I have been chasing my passion of IT and all things super nerdy for over 20 years.

I served in the United States Marine Corps right out of highschool, thus where my handle ViciousXUSMC got the "USMC" part.

My YouTube channel is very tech focused with guides/tutorials on how to do complex things where I make them easy. I love to learn and they say "The best way to learn is to teach."

I also love when companies collaborate with me for product reviews. Most of the time popular reviewers get all the nice things because they review popular items from big names.

I focus on the neat and cool things often from smaller companies and developers that deserve the publicity because they have great products, prices and desereve to get there company name out.

All my reviews are 100% honest and very detailed, if not sometimes a bit long winded but it's all good information you wont find anywhere else.


Here is just a short laundry list of things I do/like that I consider myself above average in:

Computer Scripting/Automation
IT Consulting
Network Configuration
Computer Building & Troubleshooting
Network Architecting Windows and Linux Operating Systems
Server Design and Implimentation Open Source Program Usage and Knowledge
Audio Gear like Microphones & Headphones/Speakers
Breakfix on any Computer
Data Backup/Restore
Disaster Recovery
VMWare vCenter