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Mayflash Wii Classic Controller PC USB Adapter Review

by ViciousXUSMC on Jan.30, 2010, under Computer, Gadgets, Gaming, Reviews

So I decided to get one of these for testing. I was very skeptical about just how well it would work and if it was needed for anything. I already knew how to use the classic controller via bluetooth but the idea of plug & play and 2 players is what got me.

Is it really just plug & play?

Does it really work with 2 players?

Read on and find out!


So what is it? – Its a simple USB adapter with input for [U]two[/U] Wii classic controllers to use them as gamepads in Windows (XP, Vista, 7)

As I am sure you know the Wii classic controler is ideal for certain types of gaming, its very close in resemblance to the old Super Nintendo controllers. The adapter also works with the Pro version classic controllers but I have none to test.

So lets break this down for review.

Build Quality & Design:

The unit is small, its about 3/5ths the size of a Wii classic controller, made from a solid case of plastic and doesn’t seem like it would break easy. The cable going from the unit is of good quality and so is the usb header that plugs into your computer.

Four small philips screws keep it closed so that means you can open it to see whats inside :D

The insert points for the classic controller work well and I dont see them breaking easy but its a not a smooth “glide” like when you connect them to a wiimote, its got a rougher feel to it.

The USB cable is about 6ft long to compensate for the short length of cable the classic controller has and the unit itself is incredibly light.


It did just like it was supposed to, it was plug & play. Just plug a controller into the adapter and then plug it into a usb port. Right away windows picked up and installed the standard drivers for a HID gamepad device. Every single button works even the home button and center shoulder buttons giving you a great number of buttons to use.

Here is the real kicker, both analog sticks work as full analog.

If you were like me and previously using a classic controller via bluetooth and hacking this was where that method fell short. The only way to get analog control was with a old old program called PPJoy and its an old 16bit program so it did not work under any 64bit operating systems. But now here it is plug & play full analog support for $16 on a 64bit operating system.

The hacking way sill has its merits though, use of the actual wiimote & the nunchuck, and of course its wireless.

So with one controller working so well I figured maybe I will find problems when using 2 pads at once, maybe it just duplicates the input of the first controller, it was logical to think this since its the first time I would ever use 2 controllers via just one usb cable.

Plug in a 2nd controller, and “beep” a new HID device installs. Sure enough check the Windows Device Manager and I see three devices listed. A usb controller (the adapter) and two HID devices (the two classic controllers)

Here is what my Windows Devices settings looks like:

From Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter

The 2nd controller had every button working and both analog sticks fully functional.

I used it briefly for some 2 player SNES emulation and it was flawless, as close to holding and using a SNES controller I have had in many years.

I have not tried yet but with the fully functional axis this should also make a very good stand in N64 controller as well.

It actually gets better now. The device comes with a drivers disk… I didnt think you needed it for anything but I did read the device details and it said it has “programmable buttons” so figured why not install this software/driver and see what happens.

A very fast install from a mini disk later and now my properties tab in the Windows gamepad area suddenly transformed into a full fledged gamepad setup window.

From Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter

Within this new control panel you can manually select what each button will be on the controller. Meaning if button A = Button 1 you can make it Button 5. This may come in handy for a game that accepts a limited range of joystick buttons. You can also change the X/Y axis around but not invert them.

The real star of the show here is that you can configure both the Dpad input method & the analog shoulder buttons as well as add auto fire.

The Dpad can be set in 3 ways, it can be a regular standard HAT, or it can be turned into button inputs instead, or it can be used as a digital analog stick. This pretty much means compatibility with any game or program.

From Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter

The two shoulder buttons can be set to be sliders (analog) digital (buttons), or both.

From Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter

In both mode its an analog axis but when fully pressed it activates a digital button, pretty neat.

The auto fire is turned on/off for each button you choose and you can also use a slider to determine the speed of auto fire.

From Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter

So what can I say? I am really impressed. I did not expect anything nearly this elaborate or customizable from some cheap adapter out of China.

Value for price paid:

Pretty good Mayflash does not sell there own products directly but via 3rd party mostly on ebay. I was able to find them for $16.00 with free shipping. This is a aggressive price and part of why I was so skeptical of the product.

The total cost to you is higher if you actually have to buy a classic controller as well, but if you have one or two already because you have a wii then this is a cheap way to upgrade those controllers to have a lot more use.

But I can tell you know the product works and was worth every penny.


Have a Wii? Like emulation on your PC? Get it! This could be a very good alternative to the Xbox 360 controller too I would think as it has everything the 360 has + 1 more button.

I would recommend this as the #1 way to play emulation right now, but only #2 for PC games. The Xbox360 controller is tailored to work on PC and many games for windows titles have profiles set for that controller already. (you can download a controller emulator to fool those games into thinking your using a 360 controller though….)

The only flaw I see with this device is not the device itself, but the classic controllers, having the cable come out of the bottom of the controller is not very good feeling in my hands. Its designed that way because you would normally have the wiimote in your lap. You can remedy this by getting a classic controller pro though it has the cable out the top side, and also adds the 2nd shoulder buttons and the grips.

Hope the review was a good read for you guys, feel free to comment and stuff.

Also here are the drivers for the device I uploaded them incase you ever lose your drivers disk. I could not locate them on the Mayflash site and its a mini disk, I know not every person has a computer that likes to read those small disks.

Download Drivers: HERE

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38 comments for this entry:
  1. Wee_Bee

    I’m glad people like this product as much as I do. I had been wishing for so long that someone would make a device to allow connection of the Classic Controller to pc, but something easier than the “Bluetooth + Glovepie + Wiimote” process. I made some ghetto little example images in Photoshop and tried suggesting the idea to several diferent console pad to usb adapter companies; HKems, 4triangles, retrousb, and Mayflash. Mayflash was the only one to respond positively, everyone else said “The Classic Controller just isn’t popular enough to warrant making such an adapter.” I had already had one of Mayflash’s PS2 pad to USB adapters and it worked pretty well, though I always felt the PS2’s dpad was rather uncomfortable.

    I was also browsing Google alot about the subject and would only find a few fan-made hacks people were doing, one of those people was a guy in Germany named Torsten (http://stremlau.eu/wiki/Classic2USB) He had videos up of a working prototype adapter he’d been working on along with schematics of how to make it. I had talked to him about how badly I wanted such an adapter like this, and asked him if he’d be okay with me passing his page on to the people at Mayflash. Torsten gave me the okay, and I sent links and images to Vicky, one of the people at Mayflash who responded about the idea.

    Vicky was very nice to me over the months that we talked, I was lucky enough to have alot of input about the adapter, like the length of the cable and some of the features. It took alot of waiting but the final result was well worth the wait. I was sent two samples and they both work perfectly. One of those extra samples I should probably send to Torsten, just out of courtesy.

    Anyhoo, the software disc provided isn’t really a necessity, as the adapter works seamlessly with Joy2Key profile software. One of the coolest things about Joy2Key is its ability to set a button to switch to another profile (I have Home set for this) and so I have two profiles set for each emulator I use. A main “in_game” profile and a “rom_select” profile. In game is just the game keys with the Save State / Load State buttons mapped to ZL and ZR. “rom_select” is set so that the analog stick is the mouse, Dpad is arrow key, L and R are scroll wheel. Select is “exit or alt+enter” Start is Enter and Y is left mouse click. This makes it so that I don’t have to get up from the bed to switch roms (I play emulators on the TV using an Svideo out cable).

    Playing the games with the Classic feels so much better than playing them with the old Dual Shock controller, the D-pad is nice and soft and is one full cross, not split into parts, and the sticks of the Classic have the directional ridges, every button feels perfect. I don’t mind the cord going through the bottom so much, as when I’m laying on the bed and the adapter is on my tummy it doesn’t really cross my mind. Mayflash say that if this model sells well, they’ll start work on a wireless model that’ll run on double A batteries and uses a USB RF dongle to transmit inputs from the controllers.


  2. heath

    Hey how do you emulate a CCpro to be detected as a Xbox360 controler..

    i have my CCpro working via bluetooth all good with Glovepie + PPjoy (the new version suports 64bit but its beta and required you to run windows in test mode)..

    i have every button on the controler being picked up and the analogs as well.. but i just want a quick easy way to have it act like a 360 controler.. beacuse so many games are tailored to that controlers settings..

    TF2 / bioshock / crysis etc…

    How does one do this!..

    Thanks for the review but i think im going to pass on the USB option.. unless i find battery life to be a issue

    email me back at heathkidd@gmail.com

  3. winkosmosis

    Thanks for the review. I ordered one from Amazon for $20. If you prefer the center mounted analog sticks (better for racing games IMO), this is one of the few options with ANALOG triggers. The PS3 gamepad is the only other option, and it requires special drivers that may or may not work etc.

    BTW, the Pro version of the classic gamepad doesn’t have analog triggers anymore :( .

    heath, why do you want to use a gamepad for these FPS games? It’s really hard to control an FPS with a joystick. Stick with your mouse and keyboard.

  4. Travis Carlson

    Hey. I bought this device recently and it works for the most part but it sometimes causes the blue screen on my computer and i have to restart. Does anyone know how to fix that?

  5. Jibay

    Got the BSOD problem too, just get the new drivers and it works :D


  6. ViciousXUSMC

    So guess you guys like the adapter? Pretty handy product IMO.

  7. Anonymous

    What about 4 player split screen? How would that work? I’m assuming you’d just buy 2 adapters and call it day.

  8. DudeSean

    Whenever I plug it in to my computer I get a message saying the USB device can’t be recognized. How do I fix that?

  9. Huk

    I heard that the classic controller pro is potentially not compatible with certain adapters because of the change tot he analogue triggers. Can anyone confirm that the classic pro works with this?

    Also I was wondering, the classic/pro have short cables because they are meant to be connected to a wiimote, does this adapter have a decent cable length to compensate?

    Thanks for any info.

  10. Huk

    Nevermind just noticed the cable length comment in the review!

    Still, does anyone know if the pro works on this :)

  11. LuzTeTT

    The Classic Controller Pro doesn’t work with this product unfortunately.
    It causes blue screens or the device to not be recognized in Windows.

    Can someone give a second opinion on this? From what I have gathered though this is pretty much the case.

  12. GhostOfRegret69

    Hey, I am thinking of getting this for the emulation use with my classic controllers. However, I was wondering if there was another use for the device such as using a Wii fight stick for the PC or even another system such as the PS3.

  13. RyguyDrummer15

    Im looking for a cheap allternative to a good pc controller. I allready have a classic controller pro, and was looking at controllers from logitec and they cost like 30-40$ i was wondering if i could play this with steam games (like Super Meat Boy)

  14. ViciousXUSMC

    @HuK works just fine with the pro, except the pro does not have analog shoulder buttons.

  15. Ray

    I have tried many many wifi adapters…..and I can say one thing for sure…
    ..I don’t know about you guys, but for me UAWIFI UA3 usb adapter is the BEST.
    No other adapter can compare to this baby, it is VERY powerful.
    There are few people sell them on ebay, but I got mine directly from mft. website http://www.uawifi.com price is same.
    I also know that it is Made in USA, so at least by buying it I am supporting US workers…not Chinese.

  16. Tomas

    Agree with RAY 100%, we have 3 delivery cars using them, and one is in our office. The range is SUPER A+

  17. Alessandra

    January 14th, 2011 on 8:19 AM
    The Classic Controller Pro doesn’t work with this product unfortunately.
    It causes blue screens or the device to not be recognized in Windows.

    Can someone give a second opinion on this? From what I have gathered though this is pretty much the case.”

    The Wii Classic Controller Pro works just fine with this adapter, I have a gold one connected to it and never had any problems and I’m running Windows7 64 bit.

    To the maker of this website, the download link is dead.

  18. sheepy666

    Hi guys,

    I recently grabbed one of the Mayflash Wii adapters and a new TvC FightStick for Wii, with the intent of playing SSFIV:AE on my PC.

    I’m running Win7 64-bit and I’m having a very hard time getting the stick to work. Most times it causes BSOD or simply does not recognize the USB adaptor has been plugged in.

    the one time Win7 did detect it correctly, I could map the Stick’s buttons in SSFIV:AE but the stick directions didn’t work at all.

    Does anyone have any specific advise on how best to configure this please? It’s driving me insane!

  19. tvc

    I get the bsod with xp. I’m also trying to configure two TvC fightsticks. Program crashes system alot. Gotta get lucky to play an emulator after setting up controllers over.

  20. jay

    this product works great with either glovepie (using joystick or any) or joy2key wonderful for emulators or even current games. using glove pie i made the classic controller pro into a fully operational mouse and a basic keyboard and further developed it to run in the same program.. just got my hands on a xbox controller tho… so i have some testing to do.

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  23. Centurion

    does anyone know if its possible to get a classic pro to work with this thing?

  24. enclosed utility trailers

    Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Wee_Bee

    Hey VICIOUS, just wanted to let you know there is now a WIRELESS version of the Mayflash Classic Controller to USB adapter… you can get one on Ebay for about $18, though the price may be subject to change….

    Also, the mods are Forum.Notebookreview (in particular, Alexmuw) are friggin’ douchebags. I posted about the adapter in the same section as your review and they banned me for “ADVERTISING” how come YOU didn’t also get banned for ADVERTISING when you too had posted a thread about the Mayflash adapter???

  26. Anon

    Thanks. I still have the original SNES controller, but it’s gotten so beaten up and Nintendo doesn’t make them anymore.

  27. TVC controller

    Doesn’t work on my Asus laptop windows 7 x64. System only find an unknown device and can’t find drivers. Do you have the drivers?

  28. Corey

    It doesn’t work for me for some reason. It just comes up Unknown device even when I downloaded and installed drivers manually. It just refuses to work.

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